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Anyone! Anyone at any age, can join an ISX Canada trip. Just know that most of our passengers are international students. Our trips will give you the opportunity to make new friends from all over the world.
A: We highly recommend purchasing our Cancellation insurance to protect your investment. If you do not purchase the cancellation policy , unfortunately no refund is issued.

A: It is possible to change the date of the trip but will be subjected to a transfer fee based on when our office receives notice. For more information, please contact the office.
A: If you miss the departure, fail to show up at the right place or the right time, unfortunately there is no refund.
A: You can check for this information on our monthly flyer or website, but most of our tours include a tour guide and deluxe motor coach transportation. For multi-day trips, quad accommodation is included. For US trips breakfast is usually included.
A: Health insurance is not included. If you would like to purchase insurance you can purchase that through ISX. Details can be found here: link.

Other Questions

A: You can book a trip up until the day before the trip. We suggest, however, to book early as many of our trips sell out!
A: If you are an ESL student, you can book a trip at your school (just ask your activities coordinator). You can also book online through our website or you can come to our office during office hours at 754 Yonge St., suite #300 (Third floor).

A: On our website you can find a list of suggestions of what to bring on each trip. You will be doing a lot of walking so be sure to wear a pair of comfortable shoes and appropriate clothing. Remember to dress for the weather. Check for weather conditions in each city you are visiting.

A: If you are travelling to the U.S (New York, Washington D.C. or Chicago), you must bring your passport and have a valid Visa to participate in the tour. If your country is part of the Visa Waiver program you do not need to apply for a Visa. You will receive it when you cross the border by filling out a form (that we will provide you) and paying a $6.00 USD border fee. To check if your country is part of the Visa Waiver Program visit For our trips within Canada, you do not need to bring a passport but we do suggest to bring a piece of government issued ID with you.

A: Our ISX Guides are always great at making recommendations. Just let us know what you are looking for and we will be happy to help out.
A: Our trip prices are based on quad accommodation (one room, 4 people, 2 beds). You can purchase your own private bed or private room for an extra cost when booking your trip ticket. See “Rooming Upgrades” under your trip for prices.
A: Yes, during our trips we schedule ample free time for you to explore on your own (or shop 😉 )
A: Tours are conducted in English, even though many of our tour guides can speak other languages!
A: It is always wise when traveling in any foreign country to have your passport with you at all times. Be sure to keep your passport or ID in a safe spot.
A: If you need a Visa you can check with the web site for the closest US embassy or consultate to you. ISX Canada does not process Visa applications.
A: When you are traveling to the U.S (New York, Washington D.C. or Chicago), you will need to pay a $6.00 USD border fee. The tour guide will explain the process to you before arriving to the border.
A: During multi-day trips, we suggest to bring about $200. This will cover the cost of most of your meals, and some light shopping and souvenirs.
A: Yes, you get to choose with whom you are going to share a room with. If you don’t know anyone, don’t worry! You will meet them on the bus and decide at that time. Your tour guide can help you.
A: Unless specified otherwise, we use deluxe motor coaches for most of our tours. The deluxe motor coaches are equipped with a washroom, comfortable seats and a DVD player for movies.
A: During your free time, feel free to take pictures, grab a coffee, visit museums, or do some shopping. Our tour guides are happy to suggest cool places to visit.
A: For trips traveling to the U.S, the weather is a few degrees warmer than Toronto. Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec are north of Toronto, and on average are about 10 degrees colder than Toronto during the winter, so please dress warm. Remember to dress for the weather. Check for weather conditions in each city you will be visiting.
A: We have two departures locations for our trips. You will find a map on your ticket, that will show you where the departure location and meeting time is for each trip. If you are not sure where your departure location is, please contact our office.
A: We usually only pick up passengers at the predetermined location. If you are unable to meet our tour in Toronto please call the office and we will try our best to accomodate your request.
A: Our ISX Guides wear ISX t-shirts during the trip. He or she will introduce himself at the beginning of your tour.
A: The tour guide will provide you with an emergency phone number at the beginning of your trip. Be sure to have your homestay information with you in case of emergency and any other information regarding any health conditions you may have.
A: Yes, you are free to separate from the tour group and do other activities that are not on the itinerary but you must notify your tour guide first. If you separate from the group, you must meet at the specific meeting/pickup places, at the time your tour guide requests. Feel free to ask your tour guides for city information and they will be happy to help you.

Please note: All trips purchased in advance may be subject to change or cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. demand, weather conditions, etc).