High School Trips


Throughout the year, ISX offers pre-scheduled, pre-packaged excursions specifically designed for high school students. These trips are a great chance to meet new people and experience North American sites and culture.

  • HS – Algonquin Park Day Trip

    The bushes rustle and everyone quickly looks to the left. An adorable chipmunk darts out across the path. The birds are singing, but hopefully the bugs aren’t biting, but you brought bug spray so you’re all good. Hiking is one of Canada’s favourite pastimes and Algonquin is the perfect place to discover the nature and beauty of this great land.

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  • HS – American Dream (New York City, Washington D.C., Philadelphia)

    Live the American dream and let ISX teach your students the rich culture and history of three of the USA's most famous cities. You're tour guide will weave a tale of the incredible minds that made the States a global powerhouse, with stories of rebellion, struggle and the triumph of the human spirit.

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  • HS – French Connection – 4 Day French Canada

    Spring trips to French Canada, and the cities of Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec City are a great way to end the school year and get students out into the great wide open. This March through June, let us take your high school student group on trips where they will get a taste of Nouvelle France on our guided tour through three amazing cities.

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  • HS – New York City

    Get your New York vibe on in the city that never sleeps. Your knowledgeable guide will treat you to the secret sights that no other tours know about; from the unseen history of the hip hop culture adorning every city wall to the “round the way” tasty treats in Greenwich Village. You’ll never be the same after visiting NYC. The local folks are friendly, the pizza is distinctly NYC and nothing compares to your first trip through the Holland Tunnel straight under the Hudson River.


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