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  • French Kiss

    French Canada is beautiful year round; from the shine of the snow on rooftops in winter, to the open air cafes and greenery of Summer. Get a taste of French Canada on our guided tour through three amazing cities: Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City. Get to know the culture, the people and enjoy the most famous sites and scenes of French Canada.

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  • French Canada

    Called La Belle Province and loved  by all of Canada, Montreal and Quebec City are must see locations for Canadians and international travellers alike. Whether you want to stroll through the winding ally ways to find the perfect hidden coffee shop, or stay up till the sunrise with the rumble of nightclub bass, the trip is yours to discover.  The tour is full of activities and our knowledgeable guides will spin a tale of the English and French first locked in battle, then becoming the best of friends. You'll also get to enjoy our nation's capital Ottawa. Parliament hill is beautiful and you'll find the most delicious treats at Byward Market.

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  • Montreal Quebec Reading Weekend

    It's your time to relax and take a break from all that hard school work you've been slaving over. What could be more perfect than doing all your “reading” with up to 1000 of your closest new friends? Want to know what it feels like to completely take over a club, a hotel, or a whole city? With ISX you will feel like the king or queen of the whole town.

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  • French Canada NightRider

    French Canada is a jewel in our nation's crown. Rich history surrounds you. The people are lively and eager to meet you. Get to know the culture, the people and enjoy the most famous sites and scenes of French Canada.  Did you know the Quebec City is the only walled city in North America? You can even snap a pic riding a canon!

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  • French Canada Nightrider – Formula 1

    Formula 1 racing is the ultimate test of man and machine – pushing car and driver to their absolute limits in pursuit of one simple goal. Speed. Join ISX as we visit Montreal for the Canadian Grand Prix, which is celebrating it's 40th year as being part of the Formula 1 World Championship Series! If racing isn't your thing, no problem, you will be able take in all of the great sights, sounds and smells of Montreal, Quebec and Ottawa as part of our French Canada Nightrider tour!

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