HS – Algonquin Park Day Trip

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Number of days: 1

The bushes rustle and everyone quickly looks to the left. An adorable chipmunk darts out across the path. The birds are singing, but hopefully the bugs aren’t biting, but you brought bug spray so you’re all good. Hiking is one of Canada’s favourite pastimes and Algonquin is the perfect place to discover the nature and beauty of this great land.

It’s a perfect high school bonding experience sure to leave your students energized and full of wonder. Enjoy a 1 Day trek through the beautiful natural environment of Algonquin Park and its many pristine lakes and forests. This trip includes a short wilderness hike, a canoeing lesson, and a visit to the Algonquin Visitors Centre. Bring your camera…you may see a moose!

PLAN YOUR JOURNEY – We are looking forward to welcoming you on your BEST. TRIP. EVER. but we would hate it if you miss your trip. To help plan your journey and not be late please check the TTC website for closures.

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