Maple Syrup Tour

From: $40.00

Number of days: 1

The only thing sweeter then maple syrup, is the ISX maple syrup tour. Enjoy a journey to discover what Canada is all about, look at the Canada flag! It has a maple leaf on it! Escape the city, enjoy the country and see one of the Canadian farms that help Canada produce 90% of the worlds maple syrup.

You’ve seen the city, experience the country. Our maple syrup day trip include delicious pancakes made with fresh maple syrup, a drink, a tour of a fun farm with an experienced guide. Then depending on which day you go you’ll get a bonus.

Saturday departures – We will visit the Amsterdam brewery after to sample some beer (included in price). 19+ Gov ID required.

Sunday departures – We will visit the Evergreen brickworks where you can experience an eco project in full swing.

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Departs from York Mills 10h00

Visit a local farm where you will be shown around by the owner for a tour. After this you’ll be given some delicious pancakes with maple syrup and a drink.

After the tour on a Saturday you will go to the Amsterdam brewery for a sampling, on a Sunday you will go to the evergreen brickworks.

Approximate time of return 15h00


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